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:::::::::::MaJOR "SINS" ::::::::::::

Posted by naziia on on Sept. 7, 2012, 1:47 p.m.  

THERE IS NO GOD BUT "ALLAH" Sin is committing something that God and His Messenger have forbidden and not doing what they ordered to do. Since a believer's heart and conscience are sensitive to sin and obedience to God, God's Messenger said: "Righteousness is good morality, and sin is that which causes discomfort (or pinches) within your soul and which you dislike people to become informed of." (Tirmidhi, "Zuhd," 52) In other words, sin is what Muslims try to abstain from at all costs. The Major Sins (al-Kaba'ir) The major sins are those acts that God Has forbidden and threatened to punish severely if they are committed. God wills that they be avoided: If you avoid the major (part) of what you have been forbidden (to do), We will cancel out for you your (other) evil deeds and will admit you (to Paradise) with a noble entry. (4:31) Scholars differ in this regard. Some say there are seven major sins, and support themselves with the following hadith: "Avoid the seven noxious things" – and after having said this, the Messenger mentioned them: "Associating anything with God as a partner, magic, killing one whom God has declared inviolate without a just case, consuming an orphan's property, devouring usury, turning back when the army advances, and slandering chaste women who are believers but indiscreet." However, this hadith does not limit the major sins only to those mentioned. Rather, it points to the type of sins that fall into the category of "major" without excluding others, such as violating the parents' rights, adultery and fornication, consuming alcohol, gambling, and theft, all of which are also included in this category. Unbelief in any of the essentials requiring belief Hypocrisy Neglecting any pillar of Islam (i.e., the prescribed prayers, paying zakat, fasting Ramadan, and Hajj) Violating the parents' rights Murder Practicing magic Adultery, fornication, and homosexuality Theft and usurpation Consuming alcohol Gambling Dealing with usury and interest Slandering innocent people, especially chaste women Fleeing the battlefield Wrongfully consuming an orphan's property Lying Backbiting Gossiping Mocking others Spying and ill-suspicion Abandoning relatives Wrongdoing and injustice Fraud and cheating Violating other people's rights Pride and arrogance Bearing false witness and taking a false oath Oppression Consuming wealth acquired unlawfully Giving short weight or measure Committing suicide Giving and accepting bribes Showingoff Learning about Islam for the sake of this world Betraying a trust Recounting favors Listening to private conversations Breaking one's promise Fortune-telling and believing in fortune-tellers Making idols and engaging in idolatrous practices Trading in unlawful things Displaying overbearing conduct toward one's spouse, servant, children, weak people, and animals Offending neighbors Offending and abusing Muslims Wearing silk and gold (men only) Sacrificing an animal in the name of that which is not God Knowingly ascribing one's paternity to one who is not his or her real father. Muslims must try not to commit any sins. Moreover, when they do so, they must repent immediately and seek God's forgiveness. Scholars say that any sin, no matter how small, is great so long as it is committed with ease and indifference, without repentance, and without seeking God's forgiveness, while any major sin, no matter how great, is not great so long as it is avoided as much as possible and the one who commits it repents and seeks God's forgiveness.

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