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Reiview of: CHANG PANG Restaurant, Rangamaati

Posted by bengali.boy on on Oct. 1, 2012, 9:46 p.m.  

Reviewed by: খুন্তিবতী

Dish: Bamboo Chicken, Daal Makhani, Shutki Bhorta, Mixed Vegetable and Kola-pata Rui Fish

A special trip out of city always requires a special food treat. CHANG PANG can be your best specialized food for Rangamati trip. On the way to SHUBHOLONG fountain you can find this place very easily just by notifying your boat-man. Your boat will take a little break near PEDA TING TING in this restaurant. They serve food by pre-bookings and orders. So, if you give the order on your way to the fountain then you will be able to enjoy a lovely lunch on your way back.

CHANG PANG is located in the middle of Kaptai Lake in a stunning hilly Iceland! The place is decorated with colorful bamboo and fences and off-course the scenery itself is such a splendor over there that you will feel the peace of nature.

Foods are visibly unique and authentic. Most of them come with different type of Bamboo features or Leaves. Bamboo Chicken is steamed and cooked in bamboo juice in a bamboo, also served in bamboo dishes. Fresh and delicious Rui fishes are cooked differently in a “Pahari” style and served in ‘Kola-pata (Banana leave)’. Anyone will feel “A Happy Tummy”, as the foods are mouthwatering, fresh and quite reasonably priced. However, I felt that the foods could be served with better reasonable proportion compared to their price.

No matter what, these foods are must to enjoy if you visit Rangamaati!

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