Wireless electricity(An invention which will change the world)

Posted by bengali.boy on on Sept. 8, 2012, 10:28 p.m.  

What will bring change? Complete independence from wires. With the collaboration of several teams like university of Florida and engineers of MIT, the ways to broadcast and receive wireless electricity have been developed. Since magnetic field has no harmful impact on human body, it is utilized in the development of wireless electricity. The main idea for the implementation of wireless electricity is that every house will have a wireless charging stations and broad cast systems for wireless electricity. These broadcast devices for power will automatically detect electric devices to charge up and power many devices concurrently. It can charge up mobiles, laptops and other electronic accessories that are present over two meters of distance.This idea will change the way of house and office furnish. Although the system is already in use by manyinstitutes but there is still a need to spread its usage in wide range.

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