Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

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British Climbers Drop Nearly 4,000 Feet Into Cave Once Dubbed ‘World’s Deadliest’ To Capture Haunting Images Of World Within A World more photos and links

Once feared by explorers as a killer cave where all but the most daring feared to tread these pictures show how humans have triumphed over the underworld.

At 3,680-feet deep (about two-thirds of a mile) six people, including one-female Briton have died while exploring the Gouffre Berger limestone cave in south eastern France.

It was the first cave to be explored over 1,000 metres under the surface of the Earth and was named after the man who discovered it – Frenchman Joseph Berger.

Into the abyss: The Gouffre Berger limestone cave in south eastern France was the first over 1,000 metres deep to be explored

Subterranean wonder: Six people have died accessing the underground lakes and labyrinthine caves

Teamwork: A caver awaits a ride in HMS Badger 1 at the bottom of Scialet des Fees Anglaises in the Gouffre Berger

But now these stunning pictures show how safe the once deadly caves can be – with a huge group of 200-cavers descending in one huge expedition captured by British photographer Robbie Shone, 32, from Manchester.

‘These cavers are adventurers descending for the thrill of it,” said Robbie. ‘This cave used to be considered dangerous but is now far more accessible to cavers.

‘Because of how significant Gouffre Berger is in the history of caving reaching the bottom is a rite of passage for many inexperienced cavers.

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