MonitorES - Monitor Energy Saver v1.0.1b

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MonitorES is a small windows utility that helps you to turnoff monitor display when you lock down your machine.Also when you lock your machine, it will pause all your running media programs & set your IM status message to "Away" / Custom message(via options) and restore it back to normal when you back.

According to this research statistics we could save lot of energy by turning off monitor display.


MonitorES 1.0.1(b)

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MonitorES Lite

MonitorES Lite Installer

MonitorES Lite Executable


Automatically turnoff monitor.

Automatically pause running media programs.

Automatically IM away status message.

Mute master sound.( XP,Vista,7).

Custom Hotkey's for All operations.

Keyboard PAUSE key to pause/play running media programs(Gives single key control).

Custom away messages for IM

Support 16+ Media Players

Customizable options

Disable screensaver

Listen to your pause status

Very small executable file (34 KB)

No Installation Required / Portable Software

Supported Media Players

Winamp, AIMP , WMP, WMP Classic , 1BY1 , iTunes , KMPlayer ,Media Monkey , GOM Player , AlShow,Spotify , Foobar2000, BSPlayer

QuickTime , XMPlay Only Support with PAUSE

Supported IM

Google Talk , Yahoo Messenger, Digsby , Miranda IM with custom away message

Details : Click Here

MonitorES Lite - For Administrators/corporates -> Lite Weight,highly optimized More details

MonitorES Ubuntu - Ubuntu version of MonitorES .. More details

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