Drop and Scratch Testing the Gorilla Glass Used on Your Mobile Device!

Posted by hossain.shezu on on Sept. 1, 2012, 2:49 p.m.  

Do you have a tablet or a smart phone? What do you know about the screen of your device? Is it scratch resistant? Is it hard enough for you to drop it on the floor? If its ultra hard, how does they make these stuff? Is it magic?

Normally, many new mobile devices now use a very hard glass named Gorilla Glass. It’s very popular as a scratch proof, ultra hard glass. But, is it really the glass which is scratch resistant? It’s not… There are many myths like this… For example, people think that Gorilla Glass is completely scratch proof. But it isn’t. There are stuff which can scratch it. Also many think that scratch proof means you can drop these devices without breaking the glass… Hellooo… Scratch is not equals to Shatter!

If you want to clear all these myths and learn the real truth about your screens, check the below video which have been compiled by “XDA Developer TV Mad Scientist Erica”. The video will tell you the real science behind these glasses, how they are made and it will also do some real scratch testings and drop testings (Dropping on the floor, on the stairs, run over by a car!, etc)… Watch it before you drop your phone again…

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