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Mahastangarh musings

Posted by muntasir.abid on on Aug. 14, 2012, 10:41 p.m.  

On 31 April Allah gave me another opportunity to visit Mahasthangarh. We reached the majestic ancient site at about 12 noon. Soon we started to walk along the great wall of Mahasthangarh, our version of Great Wall of China. Inside the wall there remain only the age-old ruins with high mounds of what used to be magnificent palaces here and there. Farmers have put the enchanted lands to good use by growing ground pumpkin here and there. However, the area is too vast and gaunt for the visitors to remain interested for long. So after taking some pictures, we took our readymade biriani under the mango trees by the great wall. Then we visited the museum nearby and saw the ancient relics displayed beautifully inside the glass. Taking pictures was prohibited but some were happily breaking the law. The garden in front of the museum gave us a welcome respite from the aridity of the area. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”-rightly said Keats. Various kinds and colours of flowers, rare breed of trees, stone gates and creepers gave us occasions for merrymaking and snapping away. The Korotoa River by the Govinda vita has stopped flowing. Gone are the days when merchants’ ships used to plow the lively gurgling river by the side of the legendary Chad Shawdagor and Behula Lokhindar’s palace, now only the skeletons of their lively lives remain in the museum of our mind. On our way back home, we visited the mammoth shrine of Shah Sultan Balkhi Mahisawar and offered prayer there. But we repented not being able to visit the Behula’s bridal chamber nearby for the shortage of time. On the way home children clapped and danced to Hindi songs. I, however, was jumping on the back seat with the jerk of the bus and occasionally joined their innocent revelry by clapping. But what is most remarkable is that my kids remained king of their minds and put down ruthlessly the impulse of bubbling over with excitement. When the journey came to an end, the bubble busted and we all went towards our separate ways.

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