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Information about a Location Post. What is Important and Not so Important

Posted by the.kothay.team on on Sept. 5, 2012, 11:41 a.m.  

Dear Kothay Users,

It has been observed that there are queries regarding location posts. As you have to understand that Kothay is a community dependent Location Based Service. As all location based service, it is important to have locations, and as locations we mean valid locations. That means, the location post that you are going to provide has to have a minimum accuracy of 15 to 20 meters. Even if you do not put the complete address, a valid location on the map is important. Because, an address may be easily found over the internet, but this is all about sharing the almost accurate location on the map with the world from a community and enjoy the activities from these locations.

The good thing is that we You the Kothay Users are a community, you can very much help each other with suggestions and posts regarding a location and its accuracy, have fun talking about it over the facebook kothay.ekhanei page. Your suggestion will help everybody to know about your neighborhood to the world. These community contributions and activities count. We do not encourage other posts, but you can post about locations and queries. That is something we encourage.

Wish you all a happy time on Kothay and keep the vibrant feeling of being a part of Kothay and share with everybody.


The Kothay Team

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