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:: Important notice for the participants : Revised contest rules & regulations ::

Posted by the.kothay.team on on Sept. 1, 2012, 4:09 p.m.  

Dear Kothay Community,

We have noticed that some of the contestants have repeatedly added blog posts and saved it as "As a Draft" to gain extra points. This will no longer be the case as from now on, only Published blogs will be counted for points, any attempt of duplication will result in having the contestant's other blog posts as suspicious and may end up in banning of all the blog posts. Even if you duplicate your blogs as published, this will also be used against you and result in deletion of the post and may even have you banned from the competition. Similar case will be with location. If you keep adding multiple location of the same name or add a location that is NOT valid, it will be checked via automated program and will result in having you banned from the competition. In addition, disliking and liking the same post again and again will not result in repeated points, but will only be calculated once.

We have found multiple users using the techniques above to gain unfair advantage in the competition. We had launched the competition in good faith with a view to increasing awareness of locations and helping each other as part of a community, but it seems that we have over-estimated the honesty of some individuals and had our abilities under-estimated, therefore, the new rules will be effective from right away. We could publish the names of the offenders here, but we are refraining from doing so because public humiliation is the least of what we want. Those of you who had done such offense, you would know why your points were deducted, unless you want us to publish screenshots.

Also, at the end of each week, we will run a program to cross check the blog posts to make sure they were not copied from elsewhere in the net. If you DO copy, then please include the link back to the original blog and pay due respect to the original blogger. Copied blogs shall also be deleted.

Last but not the least, any offensive words or swear words will NOT be tolerated and shall result in a permanent ban on the user, no matter how honestly you participated or how much points you gained. Any immature attitude that makes us question the "valid age to participate" in the competition will end up in a ban anyways since one needs to be of a certain age to participate.

We again thank you all for being a part of this wonderful community.


The Kothay Team

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