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Aug. 2, 2012, 9:44 p.m.  amarshopno88 created a blog: "Shomoy Naki Dhushor Shomoy??" and gained 5 points     View

"Shomoy Naki Dhushor Shomoy??"

Posted by amarshopno88 on on Aug. 2, 2012, 9:44 p.m.  

Amar jibone ashbe tumi..
Tomare jonno boshe achi
Okul shomudro k bole asechi..
Ashbe tumi kal shokal..
Boshe achi shomoy er dolchole..
kokhon hobe shokal??
Thambe opekkhar prakkal..
Aka dirgho rate j oshim..
kivabe katbe shomoy??
Sesh hobe amar opekkar prohor..
Shokal holo..
Uthlo notun shurjo..
Kintu j shomoy tai ashlo na..
Tomar ashar..
Nissho a hridoy ta k oshar kore dilo shai shomoy..
Tomar ashar shomoy..(onek por)
Shokal holo..
Notun kore shomoyer opekka..
Kintu sha shomoy tai ashlo na..
Tumi ashar..
Nijer kache dhukte dhukte
shomoy ta ashlo..
Tumi ashar shomoy..
Kintu nishtor shomoy j..
jiboner shokal tai kere nilo..
Shomoy ta tai thaklo..
Shomoy er ovab ta chole gelo..
Shomoy k tai r chai na..
Fire chai amar shokal..
Pete chai shokaler nisthur shomoy..

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