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Achievement from 21 Feb

Posted by rana on on Feb. 28, 2012, 2 p.m.  

Bangla is a iCon of Mother Tonuge.In 1952,21 Feb Bangali prove that culture,language & thinking from mother language will run his own way & the political & business language can not cover the same.Every people love to talk with his own language. Some People Claim some foreign culture & language is the theread to our culture.I am not agree with them.As the Bangla is the icon of languages so we should respect all laguages and should realize others.When we will learn more languages for business purpose like English,Hindi,Urdhu,Korian,Arabia we can relaize more our own language. I think Bangli people get a responsiblity by 21 Feb to the universe to parctice their own language of every nation & differnt languaes peoples. Language will run with its own way.That is like a river.Look at saingkrit and Now Adhunik Bangla.The running Bangla can be canged to get its efficieny day by day.We should not proptect it by grammer. Grammer is written from Language but Language is not written from Grammer. We should response every peoples mother languages and should try to understand them.

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