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Traffic resumes on Satmasjid Road

Posted by fahdzmn on on Sept. 24, 2012, 3:53 p.m.  

Mon, Sep 24th, 2012 2:47 pm BdST Dhaka, Sep 24 (bdnews24.com) — Satmasjid Road remained off-limits for traffic for three hours on Monday after a bus hit a Stamford University student, sparking violent protests by students on the road. The agitated students vandalised a number of vehicles on the busy road and the traffic remained disrupted until 1pm from 10am due to the resultant chases and counter-chases with police. "A Law Department student of the university, Shaogatul Alam Shimul, was injured after being hit by a bus while crossing the road in front of Medinova Clinic around 10am," Dhanmondi Police's Sub Inspector Mir Shariful Haque told bdnews24.com. On hearing about the incident, the students went berserk vandalising vehicles and clashing with the police. The police fired tear gas shells and bludgeoned the demonstrators to bring the situation under control around 1pm, resuming vehicular movement on the road, according to Haque. He added, "Traffic on the Satmasjid Road linking Jigatola and Mohammadpur was hampered since 10am due to the trouble." The police seized the bus, but the driver escaped, the officer added. Shimul has been admitted to the Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital. Source: bdnews24.com/kt/rn/eh/nir/1438h

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