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Samsung’s EH5000 is powered by its industry-leading LED technology. Delivering brighter images, and better color all while using less power than LCD displays. Samsung’s EH5000 delivers a premium TV that is practical as it is stylish. For the best possible Full HD 1080p picture quality the EH5000 delivers pictures as true to life as a photograph. Full HD 1080P - Discover a new reality in Full HD See reality in Full HD 1080p with twice the detail of standard HD TVs. The more detail in the image the more realistic the image looks. Full HD 1080p TV’s can create images clear as photos. LED LED backlight technology offers several advantages over LCD florescent tube backlighting. First is picture performance. LED lights can be turned on and off much faster than florescent lights, this helps LED TV’s improve motion blur by 50% over equally spec’d LCD TV’s. Also LED lights create a brighter, whiter white light than florescent lights do, so LED TV’s look brighter and have better color reproduction capabilities than LCD TV’s. Then there is power consumption, LED TV’s use 40% less power than an equally sized LCD TV and because LED lights contain no mercury you get to save money and help save the planet. SHAN ELECTRONICS IS Offering the complete HD experience without a wallet busting price, this is a great television fit for all. With its sharp resolution, crisp colours and ability to link with all your media devices in an instant, it’s the one entertainment hub for all your needs. Created with the home in mind, its Slim design doesn’t just blend in, but exudes a Different Touch Of Colour that warms the mood of any room. FOR MORE PRODUCTS, PLEASE VISIT THE FOLLOWING LINK Contact: SHAN ELECTRONICS SHOP NO.343, LEVEL-03, (3 In Lift) MULTIPLAN CENTER, NEW ELEPHANT ROAD, DHAKA. RAHAT (SALES)-01765542331 PAVEL (SALES)-01765542332 Please Leave a SMS If Not Answered/Rejected (We Will Call Back As Soon As Possible) We are offering LCD/LED/3D TV, Home Theater, Digital Camera@the best price in Bangladesh. Our ALL Products Are 100% Brand New, Original, & Intact Boxed. We have Skilled Technician & Professional Tools to Serve Our Valued Clients. If any one can prove our product is not original, Then we will pay =100000.00/=TK Instant Prize Money. 05 YEARS SERVICE WARRANTY WITH EVERY TV. For Details Please Visit our Showroom or Call Us